I Can Only Imagine

While in the first grade, I decided that I wanted to be a teacher. I had my own classroom in my family’s basement. My dolls were my students and so were my neighbors. Now, I’m a retired elementary school principal. During my tenure, I received many accolades and awards. Some included the Head Start Principal of the Year (1999 and 2004), National Distinguished Principal (2000), National Association of Elementary School Principals, and The Washington Post Distinguished Educational Leader (2005). I served thirty years in the District of Columbia Public Schools System and five years in other school districts within the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. I was a teacher, assistant principal, and coach. I retired from the educational arena because of injury that occurred while working.

As I sat back reflecting on the many days and hours I spent working with students, parents, teachers, community members, union leaders, and volunteers, I imagined the challenges principals now face. I spent a lot of time encouraging students to go to an adult when they needed help to resolve conflicts. Now, they see a name-calling, bullying, and screaming leader of the United States on television. He is frequently written about online and in the newspaper. Also, he is discussed on the radio.

Youngsters are like sponges, absorbing everything. While in school, we have worked hard to impress upon them what is acceptable, yet they see and hear the opposite once they leave the school grounds. The biggest bully in the nation resides in the White House, and the members of the Republican Party don’t respect themselves or others any more than he does, as evidenced by their behavior and decisions. It’s not okay. The U.S. Department of Education is not addressing this issue. We educators are left shaking our heads to the point of whiplash. We must be prepared to respond the statements and reactions of the leader of our United States government.

In this book, you will read of possible conversations a principal might have in the school house during the current administration. I can only imagine what it’s like in the school house from day to day. But, we all know that voting can make a difference! Vote America, vote!

I Can Only Imagine!